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Success Story: Our Plant in Târgu Mureș – A Great Place To Work®

Our plant in Târgu Mureș, Romania, is celebrating a remarkable milestone: being certified as a Great Place To Work® employer!

Success Story: Our Plant in Nantong – A Great Place To Work®

Our plant in Nantong, China has received the Great Place To Work® certification, a milestone that reflects our team's hard work and…

Hirschmann Automotive is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

Since 2012, our employees in Kenitra have been driving progress in the automotive industry, thus shaping the mobility of today and tomorrow.…

Standing Strong Together: Our Donation Campaign for Morocco

In September, Morocco was shaken by a devastating earthquake that left the nation racing against the clock to find survivors and assess the damage caused. Our thoughts and support go out to the people affected by this tragedy.

Hirschmann Automotive is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

We are excited and honored to announce that our plant in San Miguel, Mexico was the first one within our Group to be recognized as a Great…

(E)mission Impossible?

Hirschmann Automotive is confidently taking the road towards CO₂ neutrality by 2050 with a multifaceted approach.

Standing Strong Together

In recent days, Morocco was shaken by a devastating earthquake that has left the nation racing against the clock to find survivors and assess the damage caused by it. Our thoughts and support go out to the people affected by this tragedy.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Invitation to the Romanian Parliament

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Parliament of Romania, Chamber of Deputies at the Information Technology and Communications Committee, where we discussed the current strategy and public policies of the Romanian Digitalization Minister. Thank you, Sabin Sărmaș, for the warm welcome and open discussions, where we were able to present the improvement ideas that will help us implement our future digitalization projects in our company. Looking forward to our future collaboration!


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

The Representatives of Vorarlberg's Most Prominent Companies as Guests in Our Halls

On Tuesday evening, our logistics center at the headquarters in Rankweil was transformed into an event location! The reason was the “VN Top 100” event, where more than 300 top representatives and prominent entrepreneurs from Vorarlberg's economy and politics, including Finance Minister Magnus Brunner and Country Councilor Marco Tittler, were visiting. We are proud to have hosted this event, where Vorarlberg's largest and most successful companies are honored, and the VN Business Award is presented every year.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Total Donation in the Amount of 13,000 Euros for Those Affected by the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The entire scale of the earthquake disaster in the Turkish-Syrian border region and the impact on the people is enormous! The employees and management of Hirschmann Automotive support the aid organization "Nachbar in Not" with a donation of 13,000 euros. Through this valuable contribution, the aid organization "Nachbar in Not" can help and support affected people.

Angelo Holzknecht Becomes New CEO of Hirschmann Automotive

Following the latest Board resolution, Angelo Holzknecht will take up the position of Chief Executive Officer. The international automotive supplier is pleased to be able to appoint this responsible position from within its own ranks.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Adrian Low is the new Managing Director of China.

We are pleased to announce that Adrian Low will take over the position of Managing Director as of February 20, 2023. He will be fully responsible for the business and operations in the APAC market for Hirschmann Automotive.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

4 Questions to Wolfgang Holzer, Global Area Manager VW Group

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

5 Questions to Klaus Häfele, Mechanical & Plastics Engineering Director

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Most Attractive Employer for Students Award

We are pleased to announce that our plant in Vsetín has been honored with the "Most AQttractive Employer for Students Award 2022" on 3rd place in Zlín region. This award is a result of our teamwork and passion for people.

5 Questions to Sven Capelli, Account Manager E-JOYN

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Start. Apprentices. Future.

As every year, the time had come again at the beginning of September 2022: we welcomed 21 new apprentices and one business student to Hirschmann Automotive at the plant in Rankweil, Austria. This year, the newcomers went to Hotel Viktor in Viktorsberg for a few days to get to know each other.

Austria's LEADING EMPLOYER Award 2022

Hirschmann Automotive was once again recognized as Austria's LEADING EMPLOYER - the top 1% of all employers. This was the result of a comprehensive study on the topic of employer qualities.

Industrialization. Process Optimization. Goal Orientation.

The traditional development cycles in the automotive industry are being redesigned, which means that Hirschmann Automotive has to make the production plants fit for industrialization.

Angelo Holzknecht Is Taking Over as the New CSO of Hirschmann Automotive

Pascal Hetzenauer has decided to step down from management for personal reasons. The international automotive supplier has appointed his successor, Angelo Holzknecht, from its own ranks.

Won Duel with the Data Masses.

Launching Master Data Governance (MDG) at Hirschmann Automotive for approximately 200,000 articles, which are manufactured at seven production sites worldwide.

Bigger. Better. Faster.

Hirschmann Automotive expands its plant in Romania. At the end of March 2022, the automotive supplier opened a new production hall in Sânpaul, Romania, near Târgu Mureş. More than 2,100 employees are now employed here at two sites.

Megatrends in the Automotive Industry - Risk? Opportunity!

Electromobility, autonomous and connected driving, as well as sustainability are influencing market developments in the automotive industry and are considered to be the current megatrends. They will revolutionize individual mobility in the future. Hirschmann Automotive is at the forefront of this challenging transformation phase and is considered the Platzhirsch for individual customer solutions.

Volker Buth, CEO of Hirschmann Automotive, Resigns

Volker Buth, Chief Executive Officer of Hirschmann Automotive, has decided to resign from business operations due to health reasons. He will continue to remain a part of the company in an advisory capacity.

Happy International Women's Day! 

»Today, we are celebrating the strength, determination, and resilience of women everywhere.« - Michelle Obama.

March 8 - not just a day, but the day known worldwide as International Women's Day, representing progress in the pursuit of equality. Today serves as a special reminder to all of us to honor and support the women around us. 

The History behind It

The history of International Women's Day dates back to the early 20th century when women began organizing marches and actively campaigning for change. One of the first marches occurred in New York City, where 15,000 women flooded the streets to campaign for better wages, working conditions, and the right to vote. This gave rise to the first National Women's Day in 1909, later celebrated in other parts of the world and known as International Women's Day since 1911. 

The Motto of This Year's International Women's Day 2024

This year, International Women's Day's motto is »Inspire Inclusion« which expresses the idea that it belongs to everyone.

Women in Leadership Positions

In the context of gender equality and diversity in leadership positions, it is often emphasized that professional performance is the decisive criterion for filling these roles, regardless of gender. An analysis of statistics from recent years provides data on developments in this area.

Only 10% of the world's top companies are managed by women.1 Female managers are even rarer in industry, where only 9.8% of board positions are held by women. Nevertheless, there are also positive examples, such as the consumer goods industry, which is leading the way here with 23.5% of management positions held by women.2

We at Hirschmann Automotive also want to show that diversity is possible and that women play an essential role in management positions. For example, almost a third of our managers at our plant in Nantong, China, are women.

Strong Women at Hirschmann Automotive

At Hirschmann Automotive, we celebrate our amazing women every day.

Today, we present ten influential women at Hirschmann Automotive. From HR Director to Heads of Group Process Management to Production Segment Leaders, these strong women inspire and pave the way for diversity and leadership in our industry.

May Dai | Leader Quality Production

At our plant in China, May Dai has been part of the Hirschmann Automotive team since 2021 and is the Head of Quality for Production in China. When we asked her what challenges she had to overcome on her way to becoming a leader, it was her belief in herself that she could be a leader.

»If you don't believe in yourself, you can't expect others to do so either. As a woman aspiring to a leadership position, it's important to know your worth.«

During this time, May expanded and deepened her knowledge of quality and learned a lot about leadership. Her incredible expertise, but above all, her belief in herself, has brought her to where she is today.

Lydia Zhang | Leader Process Development

Lydia, Process Development Leader in China, also demonstrated that women are present in process development and can take on leadership roles. When asked what key message she would pass on from her experience as a role model for many women at Hirschmann Automotive, her answer was simple: »confidence. It is essential to develop a certain amount of self-confidence and trust in what you think is right.«

Gertraud Mathis-Dietrich | Global Head of Legal & Compliance

Gertraud, also known as »Traudi«, has been part of the Hirschmann Automotive team for over ten years and is Global Head of Legal & Compliance at our HQ in Rankweil. She is a respected manager and a mother of two daughters, proving both are possible. The traditional understanding of roles, in which women are mainly responsible for raising children and men for financial support, is increasingly being questioned. However, it is still widespread in some circles. We asked her how she reconciled her family and career and achieved a healthy balance between family and career.

»On the one hand, it requires a passion for both areas, family and career. In addition, a forward-looking organization is essential. Without flexibility, a commitment to management is inconceivable. This applies to both sides. Hirschmann Automotive has always accommodated me here, and I am very grateful for that.«

Above all, however, Traudi mentioned another not-insignificant aspect: being mindful of your resources. These should be replenished regularly. For Traudi, this meant taking short walks daily to get some fresh air and making music. The famous balancing act between family and career is certainly not easy, but it can be done. For her, the compatibility of family and career is a significant enrichment and ultimately makes her a balanced and satisfied woman.

Nadine Amann | Head of Group Process Management

Nadine Amann, Head of Group Process Management, has been strongly involved in developing a new internal process in recent years and has demonstrated her skills and professionalism. The term female empowerment is omnipresent these days. We asked her what female empowerment means to her.

»For me, female empowerment means that women acquire or receive all the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to achieve their goals. It's about creating a world where women can fully exploit their potential. For me, however, it is not about preferential treatment through "mandatory" quotas but equal treatment and justice.

To achieve equal treatment and justice, women need access to education/knowledge, jobs that allow them to be financially independent, and the right to self-determination. There should be no restrictions or requirements based on gender. For me, female empowerment means that women receive the same opportunities with the same effort and the same possibilities.«

Omnia El Ghazy | Human Resources Director

Omnia has been part of the Hirschmann Automotive family for 11 years and was promoted to Human Resources Director in September.

When we asked Omnia what advice she would give to other women aspiring to management, she began by emphasizing that leadership has nothing to do with gender but with skills, qualities, and actions. Her advice to women who are aiming for a leadership position is as follows:

»Don't hesitate to take on challenges and step out of your comfort zone. Taking on challenges can lead to personal and professional growth.

Authenticity is the key to successful leadership. Stay true to yourself, your values, and your principles. Authentic leaders inspire the trust and loyalty of others.

Actively seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, and team members. Use feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Lead by example and demonstrate the qualities you expect from others, such as integrity, accountability, and resilience.

Leadership roles can be demanding and challenging. Develop resilience to overcome setbacks, failures, and obstacles with grace and determination.«

Isabel Fuchs | Head of Logistics

Isabel is the Head of Logistics at our plant in Germany. Equality between women and men in management positions has still not been achieved in many companies in the 21st century. When asked how companies can help promote gender equality in management positions, Isabel had the following to say:

»The media has discussed the tandem model—two part-time employees sharing a full-time position with management responsibilities. In my opinion, reconciling family and career is still challenging. Women are more likely to have multiple duties than men, which is a significant obstacle on the path to management responsibility. The tandem model is an excellent way to create more flexibility. Facilities such as a company kindergarten also make combining family and career easier for many women.

Companies should set a good example, promote potential female managers, make them »visible« outside their company boundaries, and publicize their commitment. This would be effective and encourage other companies to become more open and break down prejudices.«

Nikol Baletkova | Leader Accounting

The Head of Accounting in the Czech Republic is female. We asked Nikol what people or events inspired her to pursue her career path and work as a manager today.

»My Master's degree in Finance was the initial impulse for my professional career. The dynamic and innovative automotive industry fascinated me during my studies and was an industry in which I wanted to grow. I am inspired by articles about successful women who are managers and owners of companies, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.«

Gabriela Gajdosova | Head of Project Area


We asked Gabriela, one of 14 female managers at our plant in Vsetín, how she has made it this far in a male-dominated industry and to what extent she has had to assert herself.

»I was fortunate to work with strong male managers who recognized my potential and were unafraid to support me on my career path. However, I remember times when my limits were tested. Today, it is a valuable experience that has shaped me and positively impacted my work-related decisions so far.«

Janet Bogdan | Production Segment Leader

Janet, one of the 63 female managers at our plant in Romania, is the Production Segment Leader. As a role model for many women at Hirschmann Automotive, she gave the key message from her experience to focus on passion and hard work and to remember that »everything seems impossible until it's done.«

Alina Gamalie | Leader Accounting

Alina Gamalie, a leader in accounting at a plant in Romania, balances family and career. She tries to be there for every part of herself - mother, wife, and manager. When asked whether it was challenging to return to work after maternity leave, she gave the following answer:

»It was good to be back at work and to find the part of me that I had left behind here and that was »on vacation«. It took about two months before I was able to focus and think 100% on the issues again fully, but I had the understanding of my team and the support of my family at the same time.«

Happy International Women's Day!

In conclusion, the achievements and experiences of women in management positions at our plants worldwide are invaluable. They shed light not only on the challenges and successes on the road to gender equality but also on the positive impact of diversity on corporate culture. Their stories and perspectives are a source of inspiration and a clear signal of the need to continue paving the way for future generations of female leaders.

Today, on International Women's Day, we celebrate the remarkable determination, achievements, and strength of women worldwide. We are proud to have strong women who are committed to their success.