HPS40 4+2


The HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar 40 4+2 connection system is shielded and sealed. It is designed for all high-voltage on-board chargers available on the market that are used in electric vehicles. Needless to say, the high-voltage connectors comply with the global standards of the automotive industry.


The products not only impress with their optimized design and low weight. Their operating flexibility is also hard to beat. As the smallest connection system available in this segment, it guarantees optimum performance and top processing.

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  • Compliant with test specification LV 214 & USCAR*
  • Watertight according to IP6K9K
  • High current load at high ambient temperatures
  • 360° shielded connection
  • Compact design
  • Low shielded transition resistance
  • Simple installation

a wide variety of device connections can be implemented on request

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Key Features HPS40 (4+2 way)
Operating Condition U = 1.000 VDC
Ambient Condition –40°C to +140°C
Maximum Current Load

6.0 mm², see derating

64A/80°C; 55A/100°C; 45A/125°C; 37A/140°C

Voltage Class

Class B according to ISO 6469-3:2011

60 VDC < U ≤ 1.500 VDC

25 VAC < Ueff ≤ 1.000 VAC

IP-Degree of Protection IPXXD (assembled) ; IPXXB (disassembled)

> 70 dB (10 kHz to 500 MHz)

> 65 dB (500 MHz to 1.000 MHz)

Shielded Area 360° circumferential
Shield Contact Resistance < 2,0 mΩ (total from sheathed cable until aggregate housing)
Vibration Strength 3 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (first fixation point at < 200 mm)
Vibration Strength 4 accoriding to LV214/215 - PG17 (first fixation point at < 50 mm)
Cable Cross Section 4.0 mm2; 6.0 mm2 as MCC solutions with different pole numbers


Round Contact System 4.0 mm (HCT4)
Contact Surface Ag
Line Connection crimped
Wire Size Range 4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2
Number of Connection Cycles max. 50 cycles
Transition Resistance according to LV215-1


Housing System Touch Proof HV Connector with High Performance Terminals
Integrated HVIL System min. 1.0 mm (nominal 2.0 mm), leading
Mating/Unmating Force < 75 N
Secondary Lock System

Activating Force < 40 N

no accidental oppening possible

Polarization/Coding Incorrect Insertion Force < 225 N
Koshiri Safety yes
Watertightness IP6K9K and IPX8, PG23 as per LV214/LV215


Operating Force < 30 N


180° Variant

  • Cable Connection
  • Blade Connection


customer-specific connection variants on request

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