Connected by Passion for a Green Future: Together We Celebrated Earth Week

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Hirschmann Automotive Invests in the Future: New Plants in Morocco & China

Hirschmann Automotive, a leading global provider of premium solutions for the automotive industry, continues to expand its economic and technological lead with investments around the globe. The expansion in Morocco and China marks a significant milestone in the company's growth strategy and strengthens its market position.

Success Story: Our Plant in Târgu Mureș – A Great Place To Work®

Our plant in Târgu Mureș, Romania, is celebrating a remarkable milestone: being certified as a Great Place To Work® employer!

Success Story: Our Plant in Nantong – A Great Place To Work®

Our plant in Nantong, China has received the Great Place To Work® certification, a milestone that reflects our team's hard work and…

Women in Leadership

»Today, we are celebrating the strength, determination, and resilience of women everywhere.« - Michelle Obama. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!

Hirschmann Automotive is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

Since 2012, our employees in Kenitra have been driving progress in the automotive industry, thus shaping the mobility of today and tomorrow.…

Standing Strong Together: Our Donation Campaign for Morocco

In September, Morocco was shaken by a devastating earthquake that left the nation racing against the clock to find survivors and assess the damage caused. Our thoughts and support go out to the people affected by this tragedy.

Hirschmann Automotive is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

We are excited and honored to announce that our plant in San Miguel, Mexico was the first one within our Group to be recognized as a Great…

(E)mission Impossible?

Hirschmann Automotive is confidently taking the road towards CO₂ neutrality by 2050 with a multifaceted approach.

Standing Strong Together

In recent days, Morocco was shaken by a devastating earthquake that has left the nation racing against the clock to find survivors and assess the damage caused by it. Our thoughts and support go out to the people affected by this tragedy.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Invitation to the Romanian Parliament

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Parliament of Romania, Chamber of Deputies at the Information Technology and Communications Committee, where we discussed the current strategy and public policies of the Romanian Digitalization Minister. Thank you, Sabin Sărmaș, for the warm welcome and open discussions, where we were able to present the improvement ideas that will help us implement our future digitalization projects in our company. Looking forward to our future collaboration!


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

The Representatives of Vorarlberg's Most Prominent Companies as Guests in Our Halls

On Tuesday evening, our logistics center at the headquarters in Rankweil was transformed into an event location! The reason was the “VN Top 100” event, where more than 300 top representatives and prominent entrepreneurs from Vorarlberg's economy and politics, including Finance Minister Magnus Brunner and Country Councilor Marco Tittler, were visiting. We are proud to have hosted this event, where Vorarlberg's largest and most successful companies are honored, and the VN Business Award is presented every year.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Total Donation in the Amount of 13,000 Euros for Those Affected by the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The entire scale of the earthquake disaster in the Turkish-Syrian border region and the impact on the people is enormous! The employees and management of Hirschmann Automotive support the aid organization "Nachbar in Not" with a donation of 13,000 euros. Through this valuable contribution, the aid organization "Nachbar in Not" can help and support affected people.

Angelo Holzknecht Becomes New CEO of Hirschmann Automotive

Following the latest Board resolution, Angelo Holzknecht will take up the position of Chief Executive Officer. The international automotive supplier is pleased to be able to appoint this responsible position from within its own ranks.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Adrian Low is the new Managing Director of China.

We are pleased to announce that Adrian Low will take over the position of Managing Director as of February 20, 2023. He will be fully responsible for the business and operations in the APAC market for Hirschmann Automotive.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

4 Questions to Wolfgang Holzer, Global Area Manager VW Group

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

5 Questions to Klaus Häfele, Mechanical & Plastics Engineering Director

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Most Attractive Employer for Students Award

We are pleased to announce that our plant in Vsetín has been honored with the "Most AQttractive Employer for Students Award 2022" on 3rd place in Zlín region. This award is a result of our teamwork and passion for people.

5 Questions to Sven Capelli, Account Manager E-JOYN

What makes working at Hirschmann Automotive special?


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.


We are #ConnectedByPassion – across borders, oceans, and cultural differences.

Start. Apprentices. Future.

As every year, the time had come again at the beginning of September 2022: we welcomed 21 new apprentices and one business student to Hirschmann Automotive at the plant in Rankweil, Austria. This year, the newcomers went to Hotel Viktor in Viktorsberg for a few days to get to know each other.

Austria's LEADING EMPLOYER Award 2022

Hirschmann Automotive was once again recognized as Austria's LEADING EMPLOYER - the top 1% of all employers. This was the result of a comprehensive study on the topic of employer qualities.

Industrialization. Process Optimization. Goal Orientation.

The traditional development cycles in the automotive industry are being redesigned, which means that Hirschmann Automotive has to make the production plants fit for industrialization.

Angelo Holzknecht Is Taking Over as the New CSO of Hirschmann Automotive

Pascal Hetzenauer has decided to step down from management for personal reasons. The international automotive supplier has appointed his successor, Angelo Holzknecht, from its own ranks.

Won Duel with the Data Masses.

Launching Master Data Governance (MDG) at Hirschmann Automotive for approximately 200,000 articles, which are manufactured at seven production sites worldwide.

Bigger. Better. Faster.

Hirschmann Automotive expands its plant in Romania. At the end of March 2022, the automotive supplier opened a new production hall in Sânpaul, Romania, near Târgu Mureş. More than 2,100 employees are now employed here at two sites.

Megatrends in the Automotive Industry - Risk? Opportunity!

Electromobility, autonomous and connected driving, as well as sustainability are influencing market developments in the automotive industry and are considered to be the current megatrends. They will revolutionize individual mobility in the future. Hirschmann Automotive is at the forefront of this challenging transformation phase and is considered the Platzhirsch for individual customer solutions.

Volker Buth, CEO of Hirschmann Automotive, Resigns

Volker Buth, Chief Executive Officer of Hirschmann Automotive, has decided to resign from business operations due to health reasons. He will continue to remain a part of the company in an advisory capacity.

Let's Give Back and Make a Difference Together!

In cooperation with all seven plants, we have organized our first interactive Earth Week Campaign around the globe. From planting trees to building bee hotels, our employees have initiated conservation efforts that benefit our environment and biodiversity in the long term. The various activities give back to nature, broaden the knowledge about climate change, and raise awareness of our impact on planet Earth.

Earth Day around the Globe

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide on April 22 to show support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it has become a globally recognized event that brings together millions of people to advocate for a healthier and more sustainable planet. The week from April 22 to 28, 2024, is therefore called Earth Week, where people around the globe take committed climate action.

Celebrating International Earth Day in Our Region.

Since Hirschmann Automotive is highly committed to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we aim to make a long-term commitment to protecting biodiversity and climate at our company sites. We hosted a wide range of events across the globe to restore and protect nature in our local communities!

Read more about Earth Week, during which every action, no matter how small, contributes to a greater vision of ecological harmony. We were particularly keen to involve our employees in regional climate and environmental protection projects – because we believe in walking the talk by getting into concrete action!

Let´s celebrate our commitment together and continue our journey towards a greener future.

Rankweil | AUSTRIA

Our employees in Rankweil, Austria, helped to plant shade islands for the deer enclosure and thus actively contributed to climate protection. This activity not only provides shelter for wildlife but also contributes to the ecological diversity of the area.

A forester's presentation on the forest ecosystem highlighted its crucial role as a CO2 reservoir and its contribution to mitigating climate change. Following this, a hunter shared knowledge of deer behavior, explaining the role of a »Platzhirsch« in deer society.

Nantong | CHINA

In Nantong, China, our Earth Day activities involved planting trees to support the ecosystem. The campaign left an indelible green footprint in the company's garden, and our employees were thus engaged in reaffirming our commitment to corporate social responsibility and protecting the environment.

»As a company, we've made significant strides toward reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and conserving resources. However, our work is far from over. We must continue to innovate and challenge ourselves to find new ways to operate more sustainably and responsibly.« Adrian Low, Managing Director Nantong

Freyung | GERMANY

At the Freyung site in Germany, a group of employees have built 20 large and 8 small insect hotels to promote biodiversity. In addition to building the insect houses, the 13 employees also planted a tree.

In Rankweil, Austria, and Vsetín, Czech Republic, we are already home to several bee colonies. Beekeeper Daniel and our employee Rostislav are the experts at our sites, passionately looking after the well-being of the bee colonies.

Bees strongly influence biodiversity and thus significantly contribute to active environmental protection. Due to their pollination of plants, they play an essential role in keeping the ecosystem balanced. Did you know that it takes the lifetime work of around 12 honeybees to produce one teaspoon of honey? This means that approximately 768 bees in the colony must visit 2 million flowers and fly over 88,500 kilometers to make one jar of honey.


Reforestation is an effective way to combat climate change while preserving forests' many benefits. Our forests are not only severely threatened by climate change, but they are also known to be essential climate protectors! The trees´ needles and leaves filter climate-damaging carbon dioxide from the air and break it into oxygen and carbon – a valuable function worth protecting!

This is why our employees in Vsetín, Czech Republic, planted trees and flowers in the surrounding areas.

Târgu Mureș | ROMANIA

In celebration of Earth Week, our employees at the Târgu Mureș plant in Romania joined forces with the Plantam Fapte Bune association to plant trees for a cleaner and healthier environment. This initiative created more green spaces and promoted the preservation and protection of forests. Thus, forests can be secured for their essential functions, such as a protective function, CO2 reservoir, and natural air filter.

Kenitra | MOROCCO

In Kenitra, Morocco, the middle and top managers joined the campaign with a planting activity, and about 45 employees participated in an environmental protection art competition.

San Miguel, MEXICO

Our colleagues in San Miguel joined the campaign and planted successfully some trees on our company site in Mexico. 

Tree Planting Initiative

Throughout the past week, we launched a campaign on our social media channels in which we promised to plant a tree for every new follower. Together with our partner Grow My Tree UG, we planted 500 trees.


Let's give back and make a difference together!