Our electronic throttle for ride by wire is based on the Hall Effect. The other features are also convincing.


This e-Throttle is an in-house development of Hirschmann Automotive. The system recognizes the driver’s desired pace and converts it into a signal to control the speed of motorcycles, motor scooters or all-terrain vehicles.




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Functional Principle

At first, the contactless Hall Effect rotary system registers the operating angle of the throttle. This information is then converted into an electrical signal that is subsequently processed by the control unit. The linear mapping of the rotation angle enables the customer to analyze different evaluations regarding driving dynamics and performance.


Product Range

The HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE e-Throttle is offered as a complete system. It includes cables, connectors and a clamping profile for mounting on the handlebars. On top of that, the e-Throttle is optionally available as a variant with integrated heating.

Particularly noteworthy is that the e-Throttle grip is effectively shielded against electromagnetic fields, which for example can be caused by magnets for tank bags. In addition, it meets all safety requirements for electronic gas systems. Therefore, the sensor system makes a decisive contribution to meeting the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards.


  • Contactless redundant sensor based on the Hall effect
  • Immune to magnetic and electromagnetic interference thanks to integrated shielding function
  • Robust, even under challenging environmental conditions
  • Compliant with automotive standards
  • Application-specific rotation possible
  • Optional customized signal settings
  • Integrated switch positioned at a turning angle between 0° and –10°
  • Optional left rubber grip
  • Suitable for Euro 4 and 5 vehicles
Parameter Name Min. Value Type Value Max. Value Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -20   85 °C
Rotation Angle ROT -10   80 °
Operating Torque MOP 0.4   0.5 Nm
Supply Voltage VDD 4.5 5.0 5.5 V
Supply Current IDD   13.5 15.0 mA
Singal Range VOUT 6.0   90 %VDD
Diagnostic low diag_low 0   4 %VDD
Diagnostic high diag_high 96   100 %VDD
Linearity Error lin_error -2.0   2.0 %
Synchronism Error sync_error -2.0   2.0 %


Operating Voltage 12 V
Resistance 10 Ω
Current 1.2 A
Power 14.4 W


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