HPS40-2 2+2


In cooperation with well-known OEMs, Hirschmann Automotive developed a future-oriented system:


the HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar high-voltage connectors. The innovative solutions fulfill highest quality requirements and comply with global automotive standards.


The HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar 40-1 and the new generation HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar 40-2 are particularly impressive due to their optimized design and low weight. The connectors are watertight and fully efficient even at high temperatures – thus ensuring safe operation even under harsh environmental conditions. The systems are easy to assemble, have an integrated interlock and a circumferential shield transition for secure connection and disconnection.

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Technical Sales

  • compliant with automotive test specification LV 214 & USCAR*
  • watertight according to IP6K9K
  • easy assembling
  • integrated interlock
  • 360° shielded connection
  • low shield contact resistance
  • high current load at high ambient temperatures
  • robust design


The HCT4 contact system is an in-house development by Hirschmann Automotive. Device connections can be implemented in different variants on request. Multiple connections with optimized installation space are also possible.





*Please contact Product Manager.

PARAMETERS HPS40-2 (2+2 way)
Current Class current class 1 and 2 connector
Applications auxiliary units
Number of Pins 2 (high voltage) + 2 (HVIL optional)
Operating Condition U = 1,000 VDC
Voltage Class

Class B according to ISO 6469-3:2011

60 VDC < U ≤ 1,000 VDC

25 VAC < Ueff ≤ 707 VDC (15-150 Hz)

Ambient Condition -40° C to +140° C
Maximum Altitude 4,000 m
Maximum Current Load 64A at 80° C (6,00 mm2), see deratings product specification
IP-Degree of Protection IPXXD (unmated), IPXXB (mated)
Watertightness IP6K9K, IPX8

EMC Performance (6.00 mm2)

until 30 MHz < 1 mΩ/m

> 75 dB (10 kHz to 500 MHz)

> 65 dB (500 MHz to 1,000 MHz)

Shielded Area 360° circumferential
Shield Contact Resistance < 2 mΩ (total from sheathed cable until aggregate housing)
Vibration Strength 2 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (without fixation point)
Vibration Strength 3 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (first fixation point at < 200 mm)
Vibration Strength 4 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (first fixation point at < 200 mm)
Mating/Unmating Force < 65 N
Secundary Lock System activating force < 40 N, no accidental opening possible
Koshiri Safety yes
Polarization/Coding incorrect insertion force < 200 N
CPA System operating force < 30 N
HVIL System min. 1.0 mm (nominal 2.0 mm), leading
Contact System HCT4 (4.0 mm round terminal), Ag, crimped
Material/Surface Cu-Leg., CuNiSi,Ag
Connector crimped
Mating Cycles max. 50 cycles
Cable Cross Section 2.5 mm2; 4.0 mm2; 6.0 mm2 as MCC and SCC solutions
Contact Carrier Codings A, B, C, D, Z



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