We Invest in a Sustainable Future

Because we know: We are responsible for our fellow human beings, our environment and the next generations! As a global company, we feel obliged to counteract climate change. We consider sustainability a holistic concept, including social, environmental, and economic dimensions.


Contributions to a Better World

Our journey is not over yet – but our solid and effective sustainability strategy is the basis for a green future. Furthermore, we also motivate employees to save resources. For example, they receive grants for using public transportation. Therefore, everyone helps to reduce emissions and to protect the environment for future generations.

Read about this and our other efforts in the Sustainability Report 2020

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Progress Through Innovations

Our product portfolio also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More than ten years ago Hirschmann Automotive decided to expand its development activities in the field of high-voltage connector systems. We became a pioneer in that industry and time has shown that it was the right way to go. Today our products support our customers and partners to achieve the climate targets of the automotive industry.

Solutions for Automotive

Renewable Energy Certificates