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Well-organised and thought-out procedures are a prerequisite for the trouble-free exchange of data, and hence form the basis for optimum collaboration with our partners and suppliers. We have described the valid base information in the document “Data Exchange Leaflet”, so that you are informed about all the individual steps in advance as well.

When you first contact us, please describe briefly your actual requirements. We will then get in touch with you and arrange the necessary system information for a trial run.

Whistleblowing System

Legal compliance and integrity are top priorities at Hirschmann Automotive. In order to safeguard these values and avoid possible breaches of the relevant regulations, it is crucial that misconduct or wrongdoing is identified, reported, investigated and eliminated at an early stage. As an internationally active company in the automotive industry, Hirschmann Automotive has therefore and in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive (EU/2019/1937) established a global, secure and confidential whistleblowing system that also allows completely anonymous reports.


Which Breaches Can Be Reported?

Only violations of EU law and other legal provisions as well as violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported via the whistleblowing system. The reporting platform is primarily used to reveal violations in the following areas:

  • Financial and tax matters
  • White-collar crime (such as corruption, fraud or bribery)
  • Environmental protection
  • Safety and health
  • Data privacy and IT security

All other incidents must therefore still be reported or escalated via the usual structures. The whistleblowing system should therefore primarily be used when other escalation mechanisms have not led to sufficient clarification.


How Can a Report Be Filed?

The Hirschmann Automotive whistleblowing system is available to our employees and external persons (such as customers and suppliers) worldwide and online around the clock. Confidential or anonymous reports can be filed via the following independent reporting channels:


Online: Our online whistleblowing channel is operated by an external service provider, accessible via the link and can be used to submit reports around the clock (even completely anonymously).

Mail: Alternatively, reports can also be submitted by regular mail to the following address: Hirschmann Automotive GmbH, attn. LC, Oberer Paspelsweg 6-8, 6830 Rankweil, Austria.

Telephone: In addition, telephone reports are also accepted at the following number: +43 5522 3070. In this case, the whistleblower must indicate at the beginning of the conversation that he or she wishes to report misconduct or a violation of law in order to speak with a reliable and competent employee to take up the case.

E-Mail: Reports may also be made to the following e-mail address

In person: If desired, reports can also be filed in person.


Our whistleblowing system guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers. All reports are therefore handled with the utmost confidentiality. It is also possible to submit reports completely anonymously and communicate with us anonymously via our whistleblowing system.


What Happens after a Report?

Each whistleblower report is forwarded to an impartial department consisting of a core team with currently three trustworthy, trained persons committed to confidentiality. An initial assessment is then made as to whether the report is suitable and relevant for the whistleblowing system. Within seven days, the whistleblower receives a confirmation of receipt of the report and a notification of whether the report will be processed further.

If the report is suitable and relevant for the whistleblowing system, it is processed together with trusted contact persons from the respective business units required in the individual case. All investigations are carried out with greatest possible confidentiality in a small circle of persons. The report is therefore only processed with those persons whose area of responsibility is affected by the report and with whom it can be assumed that the case can be successfully clarified.

If necessary in individual cases, the report will also be passed on to external recipients (such as consultants, experts, lawyers, etc.) to the extent absolutely necessary and while maintaining confidentiality.

Subsequently, appropriate measures will be implemented to stop the violation and prevent similar incidents in the future. We will inform the whistleblower accordingly within the statutory period of three months.



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