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Our Apprentices - Talents of Tomorrow!

We began training apprentices just one year after our founding in 1959. Today, we have apprentice programs at every plant to develop the young talents of tomorrow.

Global Apprenticeship Rotation Program

In an increasingly globalized world, international experience is becoming more and more important for young professionals. With the global rotation program, we want to enable apprentices to gain valuable insights and expertise in different company locations.

Apprentice Performance Competition

Closing Ceremony meets Firmament! The apprentices took center stage at the 50th closing ceremony of the apprentice performance competition of the Industry Division. A total of 18 apprentices from the second year of our technical apprenticeships took part.

Apprentice Bonuses for Our Young <<Raw Diamonds>>

It is gratifying that this year already the second bonus was awarded to 56 young talents for special achievements. The school performances, the employee interviews, the good or excellent success in the performance competition, and the final apprenticeship examination were considered.

Start. Apprentices. Future.

As every year, the time had come again at the beginning of September 2022: we welcomed 21 new apprentices and one business student to Hirschmann Automotive at the plant in Rankweil, Austria. This year, the newcomers went to Hotel Viktor in Viktorsberg for a few days to get to know each other.

Graduation from Our Young Diamonds in the Rough

For Hirschmann Automotive, it is a pleasure and a daily challenge to shape the young diamonds in the rough into sought-after specialists. At the end of March 2022, two apprentices in the profession of process technology and seven apprentices in the profession of toolmaking technology have successfully completed their apprenticeships.

Successful graduation with an outstanding performance by our apprentices in Freyung

Following successfully written final examinations, the 2021/22 apprenticeship year is ending.

Apprentice Performance Competitions of the Industry Division. Work Hard, Play Hard.

The apprentice performance competitions of the Industry Division are proof of the high level of apprenticeship training in Vorarlberg. The apprentices took center stage at the closing ceremony and the subsequent concert by reggae musician Protoje! A total of 14 apprentices from the second year of our technical apprenticeships took part - three of them graduated with excellent success and nine with good success.

MATTER OUT OF PLACE, is a compelling documentary that highlights the issues of pollution and waste in our society. We set a strong example in the spirit of sustainability by inviting our apprentices to the film screening. We also organized participation for other renowned companies in Vorarlberg. A total of 250 apprentices and accompanying persons filled the cinema halls of the Cineplexx Hohenems.

A snow-covered forest, seemingly untouched nature. But the closer you get to the landscape, the clearer it becomes that something is wrong here. The seemingly untouched nature turns out to be a place full of disturbing factors: paper, plastic, electronic waste, bulky waste, and industrial waste. Garbage as far as the eye can see. The initially invisible garbage is now unmistakable. The images in the film MATTER OUT OF PLACE speak for themselves and provoke thought. It is a film that impressively addresses the important issue of sustainability and waste. In cooperation with the Vorarlberg School Cinema, we organized a film screening at the Cineplexx Hohenems and invited the major apprentice companies in Vorarlberg to accompany us with their apprentices.

"Given the importance of sustainability and environmental protection in our time, we were keen to raise awareness among our apprentices and offer them a platform for exchange and discussion. We firmly believe that today's apprentices are the shapers of a more sustainable world tomorrow," said Reinhard Prasch, Head of Apprenticeship Training in Rankweil.

The film captivated the audience with its impressive visuals and messages. The event was a complete success and offered the apprentices the opportunity to deal with the topic of sustainability and to take responsibility for a sustainable future. Together with the Vorarlberg companies Blum, Lercher, Fulterer, and AZV, we strengthened awareness for environmental protection and sustainability. It is encouraging to see companies joining forces and pooling their resources to raise awareness of a sustainable future among the next generation of professionals.

"We are grateful for the support of the participating companies and the positive response we have received for this event. The screening of MATTER OUT OF PLACE was a milestone in our efforts to strengthen sustainability values among our apprentices and make a positive contribution to society" mentions Helmut Tisch, Waste Officer.

Together, we can drive change and create a world where sustainability and environmental protection are top priorities.