Since 2007 the Hirschmann Automotive-Manager Volker Buth (CEO) and Thomas Mayer (CFO) lead the company to successful progress. Both are strongly associated with Hirschmann and the automotive industry.

“We stand for Hirschmann Automotive”.


Manager’s Blog

Volker Buth

With the company since 2007.


From his earliest childhood Volker Buth was fascinated by technology. And that’s why he decided to study mechanical engineering after high school graduation. To this day, the scientific laws he learnt there still help him to quickly grasp technical relationships and to draw the correct conclusions from them. Even though the course of study was one of the more difficult challenges, from his current viewpoint it would be inconceivable to have chosen a different path.


As from the start of his professional career, he was always employed in companies which prioritised innovative technologies as a strategic success factor, he advanced rapidly in his professional career. Today, he feels like he’s arrived in his role as CEO of Hirschmann Automotive. “We have great, motivated employees, successful products and know what our customers need”. That is the basis for a prosperous and therefore interesting company for all employees.




  • Account Management
  • Logistics
  • Operative Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Production & Technology
  • Quality
  • Marketing & Communication

Thomas Mayer

With the company since 2007.


After studying business administration, where finance and accounting were already his main focus, he has, since then, remained true to his passion – the world of numbers. He gained his first professional experience in auditing and then subsequently changed to industry, in order to expand and deepen his expertise in various finance positions and projects. In 2007 came the promotion to CFO at Hirschmann Automotive. The challenge of commercial responsibility as a managing director as well as the complexity and the associated fascination with the automotive industry were his motives for this step.

For him, a company-wide, transparent finance and controlling system, as the basis for successful company management, as well as the shift towards a group of companies that operate worldwide, represent the major challenges at Hirschmann Automotive.

“I do not see the role of the CFO as an administrative ‘compulsory exercise’, but rather as a leadership approach that systematically combines the business strategy and its operational implementation with the financial dimension. Only in this way is it possible to establish financial responsibility based on a partnership with the management that is responsible for operations in the form of clear performance targets.”


  • Finance & Controlling
  • Risk-, Contract & Insurance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Facility Management


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