HPS 2+2 unshielded


Step into a new era of high voltage connectivity with our unshielded high voltage connection system, designed to redefine the way auxiliary units in electric vehicles are connected.


Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer or a technology enthusiast, our connector offers a seamless solution for efficient and streamlined connections of auxiliary units. Driven by innovation, our unshielded high voltage connector system sets a new standard for auxiliary unit integration.


Its cutting-edge design ensures quick, secure, and effortless processing, making it an essential component for enhancing the connection of auxiliary units in electric vehicles.

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Technical Sales

  • compliant with several automotive test specifications
  • unshielded connector system
  • easy processing
  • robust and simple design
  • IPXXB+ with optional HVIL
  • different terminal options
  • high current load at high ambient temperatures
  • watertight according to IP6K9K
PARAMETERS HPS 2+2 unshielded
Current Class current class 1 and 2 connector
Applications auxiliary units
Number of Pins 2 (high voltage) + 2 (HVIL optional) 
Operating Condition 1,000 VDC
Voltage Class class B according ISO 6469-3:2011
60 VDC < U ≤ 1,000 VDC
25 VAC < Ueff ≤ 700 VAC (15-150 Hz)
Ambient Condition -40° C to +150° C
Maximum Altitude 5,600 m
Maximum Current Load

40 A at 80° C (4.0 mm² Cu, HPS28 2+2 unshielded)
58 A at 80° C (6.0 mm² Cu, HPS63 2+2 unshielded)
62 A at 80° C (6.0 mm² Cu, HPS40 2+2 unshielded)

IP-Degree of Protection IPXXB (unmated), IPXXD (mated)
Watertightness IP6K9K, IPX8
Shielded Area unshielded
Vibration Strength 2 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (without fixation point)
Vibration Strength 3 according to LV214/215 - PG17 (first fixation point at < 200 mm)
Mating/ Unmating Force < 54 N
Secondary Lock System activating force < 40 N, no unintentional opening possible
Koshiri Safety yes
Polarization/ Coding incorrect insertion force > 200 N
CPA System operationg force < 30 N
HVIL System minimum 1.0 mm, leading
Contact System HCT4 (4.0 mm round terminal), Ag, crimped
Material/ Surface Cu-Leg., CuNiSi, Ag
Connector crimped
Mating Cycles maximum 50 cycles
Additional Contacts MCP, CTS, MAK
Cable Cross Section 1.5 mm2, 2.5 mm2, 4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2
Contact Carrier Codings A, B, C, D, Z

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