High-voltage Applications

Hybrid and Electromobility

Both hybrid vehicles and electric cars require connector technology that is capable of safely and reliably withstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical loads. Guaranteeing the technical excellence of the components is just as important as providing affordable, flexible processing technology. To ensure that high electric currents of up to 1,000 VDC can be transmitted throughout vehicles reliably and efficiently, Hirschmann Automotive worked with renowned OEMs on developing two pioneering systems: the HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar (HPS) high-voltage connectors and the HPS distributor system.

Application Areas in Vehicles

The HPS connectors are used to connect all ancillary units, such as air-conditioning compressors, tankless water heaters, converters and all on-board chargers available on the market. The HPS distributors enable efficient power distribution for the expansion of in-vehicle high-voltage networks. The HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar In-Line Connector is a safe separating point that enables the flexible design of in-vehicle high-voltage electrical systems.


HPS40-1 and HPS40-2

In cooperation with well-known OEM, Hirschmann Automotive developed a future-oriented system – the HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar high-voltage connectors. Highest quality standards as well as innovative development solutions under consideration of global …

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HPS Distributor

The electrification of vehicles requires, among other things, the highest possible efficiency of cable connectors in high-voltage vehicle electrical systems. As an example, with our distributor systems, the distribution of power …

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HPS In-Line Connector

The shielded and sealed HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar In-Line connection system offers an optimal separating point and enables top installation conditions thanks to its compact design. The product series complies with …

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HPS40 4+2 

The shielded and sealed HIRSCHMANN AUTOMOTIVE PowerStar 40 4+2 Way connection system is designed for all high-voltage on-board chargers available on the market that are used in electric vehicles. Convincing not only because of its optimized design and low weight, it is difficult to top as regards operating flexibility. As the smallest connection system …

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High-Voltage Connectors – The Highest Levels of Power and Safety

Resistant: The HPS family meets all safety requirements relating to vibration, temperature changes, and corrosion.

Robust: The use of resilient materials and advanced technologies ensures a long service life.

Strong: The transmission of electrical currents of up to 1,000 VDC is guaranteed.

Validated: The high-voltage connectors and distributors are validated in accordance with LV 215-1, USCAR-2, and USCAR-37, and thus meet the relevant requirements of the OEMs.

Safe: Hirschmann Automotive components are protected against direct and indirect contact in accordance with IPXXB (finger protection) and IPXXD (tool protection).

Interlock: Connections in the high-voltage electrical circuit are monitored to ensure they are correctly connected. This prevents any danger caused by improper disconnection of a high-voltage connector on an active high-voltage system.

Compact: The compact design allows it to be installed efficiently in even the narrowest of spaces, which reduces the weight of the vehicle and ensures optimal power.

Flexible: Upon request, a wide variety of device connections can be implemented, and even space-saving multiple connections are possible.

Automatable: All of our components and their processes are designed in such a way that they are suitable for full automation.


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