Two strong partners increase their cooperation

After the first joint project last year, solar pioneers SOLARWATT from Dresden once again decided upon Hirschmann Renewable Energy as the right supplier for its premium product series.

SOLARWATT ranks among the leading German manufacturers of photovoltaic solutions and storage systems for the private and commercial sectors, and has been present on the German market for over 20 years. After the first successful collaboration in 2015, SOLARWATT recently decided to equip its premium product line, the durable and extremely robust glass-to-glass solar panel, with the Basic Fresh Box from Hirschmann Renewable Energy.

The junction box for crystalline modules will impress with a power load of up to 13 amps as well as its economical and reliable processing within a modular system. The Basic Fresh Box facilitates reliable and precise contact with the cell connectors in the junction box as a result of its pre-locked clamping technique (FixClamp).

The HC4 solar plug connection, which is connected to the Basic Fresh Box, also makes an impression across the board. Alongside its innovative concept, in which experiences are transferred from the automotive sector and synergy effects are utilized, it will also inspire with its separation of seal and strain relief in a form-and-force-locking system. With the HC4 Fresh Connector, Hirschmann Renewable Energy provides a durable and robust bonding which is far superior to conventional solar plug connectors. This was proven only recently by an independent body, DLG Prüfinstitut. In the framework of the DLG focus tests, results demonstrated that the HC4 plug connectors have the lowest contact resistance, when compared with many well-known manufacturers.

Hirschmann Renewable Energy and SOLARWATT are currently pursuing joint measures on the PV market in order to establish the successful HC4 plug system as a field-installable variant.


Basic Fresh Box  HC4 Connector  Solarwatt

Basic Fresh Box                                            HC4 Fresh Connector                                     SOLARWATT


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