“We at Hirschmann …”

“We at Hirschmann …” – every time I hear these words from a colleague, I immediately remember what we have been working towards for more than 60 years and what we have been able to accomplish in that time: building up a company with 1,000 employees at the headquarter in Rankweil alone, and around 4,500 additional employees at locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco, China, and Mexico. A company that defines itself not only through its highly specialized products and its status as an internationally renowned supplier for the automotive industry, but primarily through the people here who, as a whole, are responsible for meeting the highest possible demands and dreaming up the latest innovations. People who tackle everyday challenges with passion and ambition, who are able to meet tight deadlines, handle fast-paced production, and adapt to constant change.

Much like any company, our company is a community of people who work together to achieve something for others. On the other hand, a company needs to create an environment in which people can have the courage to think creatively, can work productively, and never stop learning – including from their mistakes. It is the employees themselves who do their jobs with enthusiasm and inspiration, who develop their skills in the workplace, who take on responsibility, and who turn dreams into reality. And, last but not least, it is also the clients who demonstrate their loyalty by placing their trust in us and offering us stability, without which a company would simply not have a future.

Our company doesn’t just work thanks to efficient, interconnected processes. It is successful because everyone involved knows that these processes mean working together with each other, and thus represent a larger mechanism in which every piece is equally important. More than anything, an employer must ensure that everyone in the company is aware of this fact, and must demonstrate their appreciation to every employee – from trainees all the way to the upper management – in order to motivate them to do their part for the good of the team.

When I hear someone say “We at Hirschmann,” it proves to me that here at Hirschmann Automotive, we embrace a company culture that is defined by passion, team spirit, and working hard to reach our goals. And that is something we can all be proud of.


Hirschmann Automotive GmbH
Oberer Paspelsweg 6-8
6830 Rankweil, Austria
Phone: +43 (0)5522 307-0
Email: info@hirschmann-automotive.com

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