Where the “who’s who” of the industry can be found

In early June, our company in Mexico opened a new location – and with this, it created an important milestone in the history of our company. In this blog article we report about the strategic backdrop and the path from the location search to the production launch:

The landscape in north-central Mexico, the zest for life and the mentality of its inhabitants alone, are good enough reasons to pay a visit to the city of San Miguel de Allende in the federal state of Guanajuato. You should definitely take this advice into consideration when planning your next holiday. However, there were many other crucial factors when choosing our location.

Over the past few years, the region has developed into a hub for the automotive industry. Major car brands have been manufacturing in the country for some years now, and many German and Central European suppliers have established themselves in its surrounding areas. The very good universities in the region are cultivating qualified specialists. The population has a value system which is very similar to our own. The people are very open and committed.

In our view, in addition to innovative strength, it is close customer relations which rates among the most important competitive factors in the industry. Even we cannot shut ourselves off to this “trend”, for the purpose of sustainable growth of our company. If we do not fulfil orders locally for the local market then others will get the business – those who are located too far away cannot impress in the long-term. And that is exactly what we are doing for the North American market with the new location: we can provide our customers with the flexibility and speed which they require. By producing locally, we also avoid the currency risk and other disadvantages which arise from the time difference to our headquarters in Rankweil.

Mexico is also a highly attractive country for the manufacturing industry for reasons that extend beyond these arguments. In particular, the federal state Guanajuato provides an investment-friendly climate with a clear focus on the establishment of international automotive companies – no wonder the “who’s who” of the industry is already represented there. By 2020, BMW, Mercedes and Audi will set up with production plants within a 300-kilometre radius, which means excellent prospects for us.

After only twelve months construction time, our team is currently preparing everything, under the supervision of Angelo Holzknecht, for the full expansion of the production. The plant meets the most modern requirements both structurally and technically, and it will provide up to 1200 employees with high-quality jobs. The plants are ready for operation, the first product approvals have already been obtained. From PTS (bumper bars cabling) to thermoplastic injection moulding processes for the production of connectors through to fully automatic high-speed installation for our SealStar portfolio, we cover the whole range of services at this location. Departments for product and process development will also be set up.

The strong and good contacts with our customers and the upbeat mood of our employees on-site alone, makes us confident that we can achieve our aims on schedule and that the Mexico location will contribute to our company´s overall success.


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