Turbulent times demand groundbreaking product strategy

In turbulent times such as these, a sustainable and groundbreaking product strategy is more important than ever. After all, our goal is to ensure all jobs are safe in the future and to still be operating successfully in the market in ten years’ time while continuing to grow in every respect. So what does the future of Hirschmann Automotive look like? Read on to get an idea of what to expect.

12- and 14-Volt Systems

We are currently planning to reduce new product developments for 12- and 14-volt systems, as our future focus will be on creating new versions. The Hirschmann Automotive portfolio of 12- and 14-volt systems already includes an extensive modular system that is available to our customers.

 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

We are currently emphasizing high-voltage systems used for hybridization and drive systems that are purely electric. The spectrum ranges from 48-volt to 400-volt systems but also extends all the way up to 800-volt systems. We currently cover current class 2 with a variety of electromechanical systems. Depending on the derating, current class 2 is used for an amperage range of up to 60 amperes and is primarily utilized with ancillary units as well as single- and three-phase charging. We also offer various Y- and H-distributor modules. We already supply many international OEMs with these products, allowing us to maintain our position as one of the world’s most successful suppliers in this segment.
We have also developed innovative solutions in the area of electrical connectors for battery cell modules in vehicles. As this is something completely new for us, all departments involved are currently participating in the product development process as well as in the design of a prototype. Our product development department is now working on the first new developments for current class 3, which is becoming increasingly relevant for 800-volt systems. Current class 3 is for the amperage range extending up to 120 amperes (at an ambient temperature of 85 degrees). This makes our role as a strong partner for the development of electric vehicles even more important. At the same time, we are making a sustainable contribution to reducing emissions.

The Vehicle Will Be Transformed into a Driving Computer

Just one of many applications to be mentioned at this point is autonomous driving. Autonomous driving requires the number of control devices to be drastically reduced and new software standards to be drafted. For example, so-called over-the-air updates of the vehicle software must be possible anytime as well as anywhere. The objective of smart driving is to bring into our vehicles all the convenience and options we know and appreciate from our smartphones. Networks with data transmission in the gigabit range and a reliable and robust physical on-board power supply in the vehicle are of immense importance to us. Our product development department is already working on a modular system to fill this need, thus setting a clear course for implementing our vision.

These advancements in the automotive sector will also affect our axle cabling systems in the near future, because future sensors will be able to determine and record road conditions and make this information available to systems in the axle area in real-time logs. We see here how the age of analog technology is coming to an end in the automotive sector. The speed of this process is determined by the required restructuring of the entire value chain, in which cooperation with new suppliers from the consumer sector is also a crucial factor.

With our passion for technology and service to humankind, as well as our flexibility and openness to innovation and adaptation processes, we at Hirschmann Automotive are looking forward to an exciting and successful future.


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