Hirschmann Automotive Takes over German Precision Stamping Company

Hirschmann Automotive’s acquisition of Gauting/Munich-based firm Geissler Präzisionserzeugnisse GmbH enables the company to improve its vertical integration within the area of PCB connections and plug-in contacts. The Group is therefore now able to develop new products more efficiently from a single source.

On January 1, 2018, Hirschmann Automotive GmbH – Rankweil-headquartered global automobile supplier of highly specialized and innovative automotive technology – took over traditional Bavarian company Geissler Präzisionserzeugnisse GmbH as a fully-owned subsidiary. Their established technical expertise in precision stamping technology creates an opportunity for Hirschmann Automotive to expand its development and production of individual customer solutions through the new center of expertise for stamping processes. Managing directors of Hirschmann Automotive GmbH, Volker Buth and Thomas Mayer, explained the decision behind the successful merger: “Although we’d had the development and verification experience in this product segment for a number of years, we still lacked the production expertise.”

Everyone’s a winner

The German family business Geissler Präzisionserzeugnisse GmbH – whose name and headquarters in Gauting/Munich will not change as part of the takeover – has been a reliable partner of Hirschmann Automotive GmbH for many years. With a current workforce of 60 employees, the comparatively small automotive industry supplier was greatly interested in the tremendous gain in security that the high-performing partner was able to offer on both a financial and legal level. And, with around 5,000 employees and further sites in the Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco, China, and Mexico, Hirschmann Automotive in turn benefits from the supplementary expansion of its product portfolio.

Expansion of individual customer solutions

Hirschmann Automotive goes on the offensive once again. The targeted expansion of the Group enables the global company to guarantee its customers the best possible level of flexibility, reliability, and innovation, and – as a highly skilled systems manufacturer of electromechanical connection systems for virtually every vehicle application – also represents sustainable and prosperous growth.


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