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Technical intelligence, precision, and a passion for ensuring all applications provide the ultimate in safety have led Hirschmann Automotive to one of the segments of the future: sensors. We develop and manufacture sensor systems for the automotive industry, motorcycles, scooters, power sports vehicles, pedelecs, e-bikes, and other industrial applications.
These systems can be used in all vehicle types currently on the market that use internal combustion engines or alternative drive technologies. The sensor systems comprise sensor technology, sensor housings, connection lines, connectors, and magnetic assemblies. Hirschmann Automotive sensors are validated for a temperature range from –40°C to +160°C and also meet the vibration, tightness, and media resistance requirements necessary in underhood applications.

Application Areas for Cars, Motorcycles, and Other Vehicles

Position sensors detect and register various angles and positions, as well as information such as wheel speed and direction, and convert these values into electrical signals. These signals are then used to control and regulate the engine, chassis, transmission, ride by wire systems, safety systems, emissions, comfort, and driving assistance systems.

Hirschmann Automotive’s linear position, rotary, speed, and end position sensors are used in all areas of the vehicle, for example:

Throttle position, Automatic trunk openers, Water pump regulators, Variable-geometry turbochargers, Chassis control, Driving dynamics systems, Speed regulation, Drive by wire systems, Exhaust control systems, Safety systems, Safety systems, Safety systems etc.

Position Sensors (EN)

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Intelligent Housing Design

In harsh environments such as engine compartments, the housings are subjected to extreme loads. The intelligent design of our housings enables them to withstand these loads. Lowering the weight of the vehicles and thereby reducing fuel and energy consumption also requires the size of various groups of components to be kept to a minimum. Additional features such as screw-on bushings, locking geometries, codings, and written labeling can be integrated into the housing.

Tailored System Supplier

Hirschmann Automotive develops systems with sensors, cables, connectors, alternative sensors, and plug collars that are tailored to the requirements of customers. We manufacture our systems with a high level of vertical integration, from stamped components to overmolding to casting.

Future-Proof Hall Technology

Hall sensors are contactless position sensors that are ideal for demanding environments such as motor vehicles. They consistently and reliably provide precise measurements in spite of mechanical (vibrations, jolts), climatic (temperature, moisture), chemical (splash water, salt, fuel, oil, battery acid), and electrical (electromagnetic radiation, interference pulses, surges, reverse polarity) interference. The lack of a mechanical contact with the components they take readings from means that Hall sensors are completely contactless and are therefore extremely durable.

System supplier for industrial sensors

More and more sensors are being used in industry due to the advances in automation and process optimisation. For this reason, by virtue of our many years of experience as an automotive supplier we are developing products that can cope with difficult ambient conditions and high quality standards. The range of applications is enormous and extends from automation technology through energy supply to the aerospace industry. Thus, we are responsible for ensuring that our sensors provide precision all over the world. Here too, we provide excellence in tailored solutions as well as standard sensors. Our product range includes Hall rotational direction, rotation, speed, linear position and tilt sensors as well as switches.


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