Technical intelligence, precision and a passion for absolute safety in application led Hirschmann Automotive to a segment of the future: sensor technology. Our Hall sensors are contactless and wear-free. From standard sensors to tailored solutions, our sensor systems render precise numbers even under the most extreme conditions. We develop and produce sensor systems for the automotive industry and for industrial applications. These include sensor technology, sensor housing, connecting lines, plug connectors and magnet assemblies.


System supplier for the automotive industry

The increasing demand for reduced emission levels for vehicles requires the further development of automotive sensor technology. Position sensors are necessary in order to record the actual position of the actuators, so that optimum values can be achieved in any engine speed range. The linear position, rotary, speed and end position sensors from Hirschmann Automotive work according to the HALL principle and can be used similar to a modular system. They are validated for a temperature range of -40 °C to +160 °C and also meet the necessary requirements for vibration, tightness and media resistance for use near engines. We develop and produce automotive sensor systems for exhaust gas recirculation, turbo charger actuators, automatic transmissions and water pumps which

  • work contactless and therefore do not contain any wear parts.
  • record measured values with absolute precision and do not require any teach-in runs.
  • feature differential measuring, whereby short and long term drifts can be compensated in the system.
  • can be calibrated when installed, whereby installation tolerances can be largely eliminated.
  • have diagnosable outputs.
  • have EMC and ESD protection already integrated and do not require any additional filters.

Position Sensors (EN)

(2 MB | pdf)


The portfolio of sensors of Hirschmann Automotive can be seperated in three parts:

System supplier for industrial sensors

More and more sensors are being used in industry due to the advances in automation and process optimisation. For this reason, by virtue of our many years of experience as an automotive supplier we are developing products that can cope with difficult ambient conditions and high quality standards. The range of applications is enormous and extends from automation technology through energy supply to the aerospace industry. Thus, we are responsible for ensuring that our sensors provide precision all over the world. Here too, we provide excellence in tailored solutions as well as standard sensors. Our product range includes Hall rotational direction, rotation, speed, linear position and tilt sensors as well as switches.


To Hirschmann Industrial Sensors


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