E-Bike and Pedelec Solutions
Industrial Sensors

The e-bike and pedelec industry is an emerging market, with a very rapid pace of new product development. Hirschmann has drawn on decades of experience and combined the core technologies of the industrial and automotive sectors in order to put together a comprehensive product portfolio for e-bike and pedelec manufacturers.

We develop and produce customized solutions on request, like we do for the automotive industry, and support our customers in making their way into the world of electric motorization.

Plug-in motor interface

This fully sealed interface for seven bicycle cable harnesses and the motor impresses with its micro-build design, and provides connections for battery, display, light, speed sensor, brakes and circuit. The connections are designed for 2 to 6-pin plug connectors and facilitate direct contact with the motor’s internal control board. Thanks to an integrated Bluetooth module, wireless communication via an app control system is also possible.


BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

2 to 5-pin micro connector

Our power and data communications plug connectors and cable sets have been miniaturized, in order to allow for installation within the bicycle frame. They are suitable for connecting displays, brake switches, speed sensors, lights, circuits and USB charging sockets, and can manage currents of up to 8 amps. The contacts of the 2 to 5-pin plug connectors are also vibration-resistant and completely sealed by plastic overmoulding.

BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

Power-data battery interface

The power-data battery interface with up to eight pins is used for data communication between the motor and the battery, and is available in different versions, for swing-in down tube batteries and non swing-in batteries. The distinguishing features of this power interface include a high mating cycle capability, sealing according to protection class IP67 and a current load of up to 56 amps.

BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

Hall speed sensor

The speed sensor is used to determine the speed of travel, and wins plaudits for its use of Hall technology. In contrast to conventional reed switch technology, this guarantees wear-free use. The sensor is produced as a complete solution, inclusive of cables and plug connectors.


BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

Charger cable set

The power and data communication between the charger and the battery is handled by a charging plug with up to 6 pins.

BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

Battery charging port

The power and data communication between the charger and the battery is handled by an interface with up to 6 pins. The sealed charger cable set can also be used for charging in wet areas (outdoors). The built-in socket is suitable for both frame installation and direct installation on the battery housing. The interface has a high mating cycle capability, and is suitable for currents of up to 14 amps.

BMZ/Hirschmann development for the Sachs RS.

ABS sensor

An ABS sensor is used to detect the rotary wheel speed of the front and rear wheels. A further processed sensor signal is received in the higher-level control unit, thus preventing the sensor from locking the wheels during braking.


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