Power Design in Electromobility

CEO  Volker Buth gives insight into high voltage development

An enormous range of new partially and fully electrified vehicles that are fully ready for volume production will be brought to market next year. The internal combustion engine has been able to maintain its preeminent position over other technologies for more than 100 years, but I now believe that the end of this technological dominance looms ahead of us. The only question is how quickly this will happen and to which extent this phaseout will actually occur. The prevalence of electric vehicles will vary greatly from region to region. Volkswagen, for example, expects to sell its last cars with combustion engines around 2040, at least where lawmakers continue to allow them. [i] At the most recent national automobile summit, German policymakers announced that they would be investing EUR 3 billion in charging infrastructure and further increasing incentives for the purchase of electric cars. This means that electrification is gaining momentum, at least in Germany, a country where the car continues to hold sway.

We at Hirschmann Automotive include in our portfolio the best-performing high-voltage plug connector in our power class, according to customer ratings. It is miniaturized, equipped with an additional interlocking mechanism, robust, and vibration resistant. In addition, it can be used with up to 1,000 volts and can be automated on the socket and pin side, which is equipped with a wide range of versions and connection technologies, allowing it to meet all requirements on the unit side. We were able to attract numerous customers for the product in Europe, Asia, and the North American market. These include well-known large OEMs as well as start-ups that are looking to enter the market. In addition, we are expanding our high-voltage product range at a rapid pace. Furthermore, we are already actively represented in the segments for high-current distributors and module connectors for battery cells. We have thus laid an important cornerstone that will safeguard our future and help bring about compliance with the new emission limits. I am personally convinced that our future will be more exciting than we can possibly imagine today.

[i] Source: www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/2018-12/elektromobilitaet-vw-ausstieg-verbrennertechnologie-2026-elektroantrieb-benzin-diesel


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