PLATZHIRSCH Strategy at Hirschmann Automotive

We have a unique corporate strategy here at Hirschmann Automotive. We call it the PLATZHIRSCH strategy. Implemented in 2013, the strategy is developed and expanded every year to ensure we continue to meet all requirements in an ever-changing market environment. The strategy is made up of three levels: Heart, Head, and Hand. The top level, Heart, is where our company’s visions and values are described. At Head level, we find our strategic objectives and market-oriented success factors. The lowest level, Hand, contains the challenges our business is currently facing and the corporate roadmap we have designed as a result. 

In principle, every new employee starts at Hand level by tackling the challenges they encounter on their own roadmap. In a second step, at Head level, the employee needs to understand how they can contribute to the company’s strategic objectives by tackling these challenges – and why this is important. Our strategic success factors are useful here in helping employees to focus their efforts. Once the employee has understood how their work contributes to the overall success of the company, they can move on to the highest level: Heart. The aim here is for the employee to identify with the vision and values of the company, so they can be completely comfortable in their role and dedicate themselves fully to each and every task.

It is our responsibility to provide all Hirschmann employees with the support they need to reach Heart level, and ensure we are all pulling in the same direction to achieve our strategic objectives.


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