Small but Powerful: Pepper the Robot Supports Trainees at Hirschmann

Pepper, the newest achievement in artificial intelligence at Hirschmann Automotive, will support trainees in various areas. We reveal how Pepper manages her dual function as a receptionist and coach, as well as how she conveys expert knowledge and ensures safety.

After receiving an award from the Hans Huber Foundation for its trainee program, Hirschmann Automotive wanted to invest back into this program. We used a questionnaire to determine which purchase would offer the greatest added value over the long term. Pepper was the clear winner. Donning a new outfit and company branding, Pepper is located at our Austrian headquarters in Rankweil.

Small Robot, Big Responsibility
Pepper is 120 cm tall and has numerous interaction sensors, four microphones, and two HD cameras. Thanks to her three multidirectional wheels, she can move at a speed of up to five kilometers per hour. Pepper’s future duties will include greeting trainees in the pre-apprentice program, preparing trainees for the final exam using questionnaires, providing safety instructions, and streaming educational videos. Trainees will also be able to use the robot to capture their knowledge in the form of learning videos that can be retrieved anytime.

Multilingual and Soon-to-Be App-Enabled
Pepper was developed by the Japanese company SoftBank Robotics, a pioneer in robotics. She is capable of multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, German, and English. Programming and handling will be much easier with the forthcoming content management system and event app. “The event app is indispensable, especially at trade shows,” says Klemens Fliri, IT Trainer at Hirschmann Automotive.

Future Plans for Pepper
Pepper never stops learning. She can access Internet databases, product descriptions, customer histories, and available products. “Pepper has already attracted a lot of attention,” says Klemens Fliri. Pepper will represent Hirschmann Automotive in schools and welcome international guests to the company’s offices in various languages. She will also gather and deliver analytical data about employee satisfaction. “Pepper affords us many new opportunities,” says Reinhard Prasch, Head of Apprenticeships.


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