New partnership with Ländle beekeeper Daniel Berger

Since mid-June, our location in Rankweil has recorded an increase of around 100,000 female workers. Two bee colonies of the local honey bee were placed on the roof of our employee centre, where they experience the optimal living conditions for the production of regional blossom honey.

With the „Ländle Imker“ Daniel Berger the right partner was found for the project, who takes care of his bees with passion. Yesterday afternoon the official certificate was handed over to CEO Volker Buth and the first honey was tasted.

In this way we actively support the survival of the bee and the distribution of healthy bee colonies in order to make a contribution to the preservation of species diversity in the Ländle. About 80 % of the domestic useful and wild plants depend on the bee as pollinator and at the same time these important workers are endangered by various pesticides, monocultures and environmental pollution. For more insights on this exciting topic, see:


Our EHS-Policy:

The EHS-Policy (Environmental, Health & Safety) of Hirschmann Automotive describes our objectives concerning environmental and energy management, health & safety and can be found at:



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