Sustainability across the Board

Preparing for the Future

In the past decade, Hirschmann Automotive has experienced very positive and dynamic development. One factor that has played a role in our corporate growth has always remained at the forefront: sustainability. This isn’t just about sustainable products and processes, but also about ensuring sustainability in terms of staff engagement and retention. After all, we can only develop sustainable products if our employees understand and embody our strategy and corporate culture. Ensuring this is the case is just as important for our customers as it is for us, as around half of our products are reused after seven years in the subsequent generation of vehicles. This not only reduces the need for investment, but is also a further demonstration of the high quality standards we have achieved throughout our company. It is therefore crucial for our customers and employees that we strive to uphold these values.

We have also been focusing on ecological sustainability for a number of years. Insofar as it is technically feasible and possible, all the materials we use are recovered and reused in the manufacturing process. Many areas of our buildings and parking lots at our sites are equipped with LED lights, and we have been using our own photovoltaic power generators to produce some of the electricity we use for several years.



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