Report Trade Show Intersolar Europe 2015

From June 10 to June 12 our Renewable Energy-team was at the Intersolar Europe in Munich taking part with their own booth. The Intersolar is the worldwide leading fair specialized in solar economy and its partners. On a surface of 72000 m² more than 1000 exhibitors showed the most recent market and technology trends.

This year’s participation in the Intersolar may be considered the most successful presentation on a fair since the division ever exists.

Just before the fair the development got to a point that a portfolio could be introduced, which responds to the market needs and which was extremely innovative and that we presented ourselves as technological leader.

Our product portfolio actually contains eight different junction boxes for thin film and crystalline modules as well as a single-pole connector, which is fixed at the connecting boxes.

The HC4 Fresh Connector, which we presented as a field assembly for the first time, caused a lot of enthusiasm whether it is about prospective customers or interested parties. By means of a newly developed crimp tool they could try the simple, fast and solid handling of the connector directly on the booth and carry home the parts they made.

It was also a pleasure for us that for the first time five panel manufacturers introduced our junction boxes with connectors on their exhibited modules and herewith served as a multiplicator for our presentation on the fair.





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