Industrial Sensors

Industrial sensors with the know-how of the automotive industry

In 2014, Hirschmann Automotive founded the Industrial Sensors division. “Sensors like those installed in cars are also used for industry applications. To us, it was an obvious decision to apply our know-how from the automotive sector to this area of application as well”, explains Sven Capelli, Account Manager. Customers profit equally from the high quality standards of the automotive industry and our extremely efficient production structure. “We have an opportunity to not only apply our experience, but also our resources in the most efficient way possible. This allows us to offer high-quality products at an attractive price”.

Since 2014, the Industrial Sensors division has been working hard on product development and customer acquisition. Patents have been reviewed and global trademark applications have been submitted. The director of the division, Sven Capelli, has been with the company for more than ten years. A mechatronics expert, he possesses a wealth of experience in quality management and process development.

Tailored customer solutions

The areas of application of industrial sensors are extremely diverse: mechanical engineering, automation technology, energy and environmental technology, medical technology, building technology as well as the entertainment and consumer goods industries – to name just a few examples. “We provide standard and tailored solutions for these industries and more. We remain true to our line”, says Sven Capelli. He adds: “We love working as a development partner in collaboration with our customers”.

From idea to finished product

When a customer approaches Hirschmann Industrial Sensors with a problem or challenge, they receive a complete package, from the design concept through to the finished, qualified product: for example, the team develops the design of the tailored casing, cable sets and plug connectors, performs feasibility studies and also takes care of the certification of the sensors.

Robust and precise

The core competencies of the division include rotational speed, linear path, rotation angle, inclination, and end position sensors with casings, cables, plug connectors and attachment parts. The sensors have integrated EMC and ESD protection. They are programmable and diagnosable and can be used in harsh environments. Because they are contactless and work without wearing parts, precise performance is guaranteed in the long haul. Hirschmann Industrial Sensors produces all injection mould components and prefabricates the sensors exclusively in Europe.

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