Honey from our own bees

Hustle and bustle prevails on the roof of our employee centre. Here we offer the home for two bee colonies with around 100,000 bees, economic colonies mind you, because they have been producing their own honey since last year, which we were even allowed to taste today, and it simply tastes excellent. Ländle beekeeper Daniel Berger is the expert who is at our side and passionately cares for the well-being of the two colonies and makes sure that the bees lack for nothing. The topic of the domestic bees is really very extensive and exciting, so we want to give you some facts:

  • The summer bee lives on average just 3 to 4 weeks, during which it diligently collects nectar, cares for the brood and produces honey.
  • In comparison, the winter bee has a life span of up to 7 months.
  • The queen bee, of which there is one per colony, has the longest life expectancy of about 4 years.
  • In August, the so-called battle of the drones starts, in which the male bees (drones) are driven out of the building.
  • Colonies of bees that produce honey are called economic colonies. This is possible from one year at the earliest.
  • One of the worst threats to bees, worldwide, is the varroa mite, a parasite that can destroy a colony within a very short time without the vital measures taken by the beekeeper.

More great insights into the world of bees can be discovered on the homepage of Ländle beekeeper Daniel Berger: https://www.laendleimker.at/



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