New COO Position at Hirschmann Automotive

Markus Ganahl joins the management team

Hirschmann Automotive has added a third member to its management team: Markus Ganahl, formerly Director Production and Technology at Hirschmann Automotive, took up the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) on June 1, 2018. In restructuring the Executive Board, the company has created three clearly defined spheres of responsibility at management level. The structure is thus adapted to the company’s growth.

Since 2007, CEO Volker Buth and CFO Thomas Mayer have managed the company together – and always with a clear vision: to drive Hirschmann Automotive forward in a spirit of successful progress. The time has come to extend the management team’s expertise, and Markus Ganahl took on the new management role of COO from June.
Excellent progress has been achieved in recent years, notably in the production and technology as well as logistics departments in the company`s global productions sites, and for this Hirschmann Automotive owes special thanks to Markus Ganahl and to the teams of this departments. The internationally renowned automotive supplier has taken this step in recognition of this outstanding performance, and to support and maintain this positive development.

And as the new COO, Markus Ganahl will lead, steer, and organize the production, production technology, equipment engineering and logistics departments, and will also be responsible for the apprentice training.

Review and outlook

Markus Ganahl joined Hirschmann Automotive in 2012 and brings excellent company know-how to his new role as COO. The graduate business economist and engineer headed the venerable automotive group’s logistics department until October 2015, and has been responsible for the production and technology department since November 2015.
In his new role as Chief Operating Officer, Markus Ganahl will play an active part in the company’s sustainable and profitable growth, in particular the further development of the global production network as well as technological innovations, automatization and digitalization. Another priority will be to expand core competencies in the tooling and special machine construction, process technology and process engineering, production, logistics, lean management and in the apprentice training. This internal restructure shows that Hirschmann Automotive’s management team is looking to the future and to the further development of the Group more positively and ambitiously than ever before.


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