Hirschmann Automotive was awarded for special employee and customer orientation

EUCUSA grants awards for special employee and customer orientation to Zwettler Brauerei, Hirschmann Automotive, Paulmann Licht, and Arthrex Germany

On 8/31/2015, EUCUSA Consulting GmbH sent out invitations to the 13th EUCUSA Summer Symposium at the WU Executive Academy in Vienna, Austria. This year’s awards to Zwettler Brauerei, Hirschmann Automotive, Paulmann Licht, and Arthrex Deutschland were given in the course of the event.


Vienna, September 1, 2015

Under the motto The new “Us” feeling – From consumption to employer brand, on August 31, 2015, EUCUSA Consulting sent out invitations to the 13th Summer Symposium, this time at the WU Executive Academy on the campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The keynote speeches by Univ. Prof. Dr. Bernadette Kamleitner, Director of the Institute for Marketing & Consumer Research, WU Vienna, Mag. (FH) Andreas Tichy, the Barmherzige Brüder Österreich (Merciful Brothers of Austria), and Karin Bayer, MA, Municipal Directorate of the City of Vienna (Personnel and auditing business area), was heard by many managers, HR and marketing specialists.

Mag. Mario Filoxenidis, CEO of EUCUSA, and Ass. Prof. Dr. Dieter Scharitzer, Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the Institute of Marketing Management WU Vienna, greeted, among others: Mag (FH) Isabella Keusch, MAS, CEO Davidoff of Geneva Austria, Dr. Frank Preissler, Head of Human Resources, Liebherr Transportation Systems, MMag. Josef Scheidl, Director of Let’s Print, DI Thomas W. Albrecht, Referral Institute as well as Mag. Johann Pinterits, Director of GMS GOURMET.


EUCUSA Awards for Zwettler Brauerei, Hirschmann Automotive, Paulmann Licht and Arthrex

This year’s EUCUSA Awards were given in the course of the event. With which particularly employee- or customer-oriented companies are regularly honored. Prerequisites for the prize were above-average overall result from the EUCUSA survey as well as setting a new benchmark in the international comparison database of EUCUSA.

The Privatbrauerei Zwettl Karl Schwarz GmbH (Zwettl, Lower Austria) received the award for “Most employee-oriented national employer 2014/2015.” New benchmarks were set in the EUCUSA database for “Future security” and “Attractive employer.” The response rate of 97% from the employee questionnaire was excellent, presuming a very high degree of trust of the 99 employees who took part.

Hirschmann Automotive GmbH (company headquarters in Rankweil, Vorarlberg) was pleased with the award for the “Most employee-oriented international employer 2014/2015.” 3,700 employees in Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Morocco, and China took part in the first strategic employee survey. With a response rate of 85%, eight new benchmarks were reached in the EUCUSA database, e.g. “Emotional strain that can be well tolerated” and “Performance-related remuneration.” High employee orientation and high innovative strength was confirmed by the employees, which secures Hirschmann’s competitive advantage in the production of innovative products in the automotive industry for the long-term.

Paulmann Licht GmbH (company headquarters in Gablitz, Lower Austria) accepted the prize for “excellent customer satisfaction 2015 / Austria.” The customer surveys from no less than 7 of 26 statements resulted in new best values in the EUCUSA benchmark database, including for “Cooperative support by the employees” as well as “State-of-the-art products.” The participation rate of 36% was also very remarkable for a customer survey.

Arthrex GmbH, based in Munich, was honored for “Excellent customer satisfaction 2015 / Germany.” The medical technology firm had invited 10,335 customers to take part in the customer survey. Arthrex set new benchmarks in two categories: “Innovative Products” and “Reachability of the office staff.” Already in 2014 Arthrex Austria won an EUCUSA Award. Thus the company has demonstrated the highest transnational customer orientation.



EUCUSA improves employee and customer commitment through integrated strategic employee and customer surveys and their targeted follow-up process – from analysis through to successful implementation. Since 1998, the consultancy company has accompanied its customers in the development of valuable opportunities.



Bild: © EUCUSA, Susanne Einzenberger




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