New High-Voltage Technology in a Well-Proven Design: Hirschmann Automotive Expands Its Product Portfolio

New High-Voltage Technology in a Well-Proven Design: Hirschmann Automotive Expands Its Product Portfolio

Hirschmann Automotive is expanding its electromobility portfolio with new products. The company’s perennial best seller, the HIRSCHMANN PowerStar 40-1 (HPS40-1), was specially modified for the Chinese market. The series production of the new generation HPS40-2 has started at the beginning of this year.

High-voltage-technology products by Hirschmann Automotive not only feature an efficient and high-performance design, but also unparalleled robustness against the range of vibration loads to which vehicles are exposed. With its new, expanded product palette, Hirschmann has secured a top spot in the high-voltage-technology market.

The Second-Generation PowerStar

The HIRSCHMANN PowerStar 40-2 (HPS40-2) meets all globally valid standards and is highly automatable. Provided required quantities are satisfied, products can be manufactured entirely automatically. Plus, shielded individual cables and sheathed cables with dimensions of 2 × 2.5 to 2 × 6 mm2 can be integrated into the installation space of the HPS40-2.

Extensive Product Range and Catalog
The product range satisfies all requirements for ancillary units such as electrical tankless water heaters and electrical refrigeration compressors. In addition, customers benefit from an extensive catalog of immediately available connection solutions.

Optimized 4-Way Connector
The HIRSCHMANN PowerStar 40 4+2 Way is an optimal product for three-phase charging of electric vehicles. It also uses Hirschmann’s tried-and-true HCT4 contact system, which is installed in the HPS40-1 and HPS40-2. The 4-way Connector is fully automatable.

HPS-Distributor Systems: Compact and Highly Efficient
With our HPS Distributor systems, we offer the most compact and efficient shielded high-voltage distributor systems for high-voltage ancillary unit applications. High vibration load, compact installation space, and extensive automatability were given the highest priority in the development of this product series. We also offer a number of options in terms of integration to make installation in the vehicle body as easy as possible.

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