Pretty smart – digitalization and electromobility pave the way to the future

2019 is already well underway, and this year we will be taking into account precisely the same risks as in 2018, in particular those linked to geopolitical developments and emission limits. However, we are also presented with some great opportunities, as society is on the verge of a huge transformation. We are all familiar with these developments, and there are two that I want to focus on in this blog: digitalization and electromobility.

Faster, leaner and with optimized processes: Over the course of the 120 years that have passed since the industrial revolution, we have created and perfected series production in its current form. We have now reached the end of this process of refinement and macro optimization, and the digital revolution follows in the wake of the industrial revolution. The world of today is smart. Smart homes, smartphones, smart production, smart logistics, smart factories – digitalization is shaping up to completely revolutionize our whole society and the way we work. It is a global trend, and it would be disastrous to oppose it or even just ignore it. We also have to develop, help set new trends, and keep on constantly learning. Learning is not only fascinating and good for keeping our minds in shape, it also opens new doors behind which a whole host of opportunities await us.

The German automobile industry and its suppliers have invested hundreds of millions of euros in electromobility. Hirschmann Automotive has also been contributing to the development of new technologies for a number of years, and some of our high-voltage products are already in their second generation. But our main focus until now was on development. Sales were moderate, and high-performance electric cars were lacking. This is all set to change over the next two years. Almost every OEM will be launching new models whose design, range, and performance are very promising. Over the course of the next few years, we will find out whether electric cars become a popular choice, and perhaps even an essential alternative due to strict emissions requirements in the world’s cities. Things are set to stay interesting!


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