Digitalization and Sustainability: Investment in the Future

Hirschmann Automotive Expands and Digitalizes Its Location in the Czech Republic

As part of the project to expand its competence center for injection molding technology in Vsetín, Czech Republic, Hirschmann Automotive once again invested in improving efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to complete traceability and intelligent automation that makes more efficient use of resources, customer requirements are met in the best possible way.

Production Site of a New Dimension

The expansion of the Czech Republic site, which added a developed area covering 11,000 m², has been completed. In addition to creating new space for offices, meeting rooms, and common areas, the focus was placed on expanding the tool and special machine construction facilities as well as the production and storage areas. The site currently operates 60 injection molding systems, which it plans to expand to 95 in the future.

Networked Intralogistics and Smart Production

In order to improve efficiency, flexibility, and process reliability, internal processes will be thoroughly revised and significantly updated. A fully automatic shuttle system featuring a continuous ERP connection will handle the transport between incoming goods, injection molding systems, automatic assembly machines, outgoing goods, regranulation, and high-bay warehouse. “The fact that an integrated system can be used for all areas represents a significant increase in efficiency, flexibility, and security: efficiency as warehouse and production are merged into a continuous value-adding process, and flexibility as production orders are processed dynamically and automatically. In addition, new production facilities can be connected at any time, and new processes can be integrated,” explains COO Markus Ganahl. Transport robots move the goods to the right place at the right time according to the pull principle, which in turn ensures maximum process reliability and increased performance. Integrating machines and systems into the smart production system will enable process parameters to be analyzed in real time in the future. Intelligent algorithms are used to define measures to prevent errors and optimize system availability in a timely and automated manner.

The Czech Republic site went live at the end of May 2019, reaching another major milestone in Hirschmann’s global smart factory program. Since then, the smart production system has been running smoothly on several facilities. The availability of real-time data and interactive screens as well as mobile devices allows production processes to be controlled more effectively and efficiently. This also achieves complete data tracking and maximum transparency of all production processes.

Conserving Resources: We Produce with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainability and efficiency were two of the key factors in the factory expansion right from the outset. We aim to achieve these goals by optimizing building performance to reduce our energy consumption and environmental impact, and by installing a new, high-performance sprue extruder for regranulation. New common rooms and a staff restaurant, where fresh meals are prepared every day, ensure the well-being of our employees.

The transformation into a smart factory will be implemented in all of the Group’s factories in the years to come. Hirschmann Automotive is thus securing its agility and position in the market. We are also continuing to pursue our strategy of being the Platzhirsch for tailored customer solutions.


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