Opening ceremony at the San Miguel plant

Already some days before the official opening ceremony of our plant in Mexico, the air was full of pleasant anticipation and excitement. Despite of some turbulences in the start, created by a strong wind that forced us to displace the festivities into the production hall, the ceremony was a raving success.

The opening ceremony started with the whole Hirschmann staff in the morning, with tributes for special merits. There was so much joy among the honored employees and an extraordinary common spirit. Then, the official part started with by-invitation-only local politicians, the Embassy of Austria in Mexico as well as customers, suppliers and partners. At the tour around the site we could proudly present our new plant and express our joy.

While having lunch with the visitors and the staff, Angelo Holzknecht, Managing Director of Hirschmann San Miguel, thanked for the active support of all participants and their commitment during the complex work-up phase. The celebrations in the wonderful ambience were topped off with traditional background music. The finale of this special day took place in a comfortable bar.

For me and my colleague of the executive board, Volker Buth it was a spectacular, unforgettable experience. We are proud of all our staff at the Hirschmann-Group and we are very thankful for their support for a positive development of the Hirschmann plant San Miguel.



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