Success through performance and willpower

15 years ago, I would never have expected to be where I am today in terms of my professional life. Hirschmann Automotive offered me the opportunity to switch from initial shift work as an agency employee followed by a few years in prototyping, to proving my abilities in the quality department. My professional background shows that the company supports its employees and enables ongoing professional development.

My department, > Quality Engineer Production<, is required when problems arise concerning production. We are responsible for analyzing causes, providing suggestions for improvement and more efficient processes, and finding solutions. In doing so, we come into contact with all kinds of departments, both here in Rankweil and also our plants internationally, which is an aspect of the job that I particularly enjoy. I just love the variety that this jobs brings with it; because of the many different situations and occurrences, no two days are the same, and you are constantly evolving. In addition, I feel strongly about the products, devices, and machines; the entire development and production processes behind these are so extensive, exciting, and of the highest quality.

I have arrived in my ideal working environment – we have a very friendly and open relationship with each other, our team leader is always willing to listen to our problems, and we also spend time together outside working hours. The social aspect is very important to me, because you spend a significant portion of your time in the workplace.

One particularly special event that took place recently was when my colleagues and I collected donations for an employee, so that he could finance the wheelchair-friendly conversion of his car. The management also became generously involved. I hold Hirschmann Automotive in really high regard! Employees are seen as individuals rather than a single large mass. I can realize myself professionally, and I am proud to be part of the company.


Hirschmann Automotive GmbH
Oberer Paspelsweg 6-8
6830 Rankweil, Austria
Phone: +43 (0)5522 307-0

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