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My journey at Hirschmann Automotive started a long time ago; 41 years and 6 months ago, to be precise. At that time, the company was still called Richard Hirschmann GesmbH. In addition to the area of receiver and transmitter technology there was the area of connector technology, where I started out. A great deal has changed since then, both at the management level and within our product portfolio – even the industry itself is completely different! I am very proud and grateful to have witnessed and, above all, played a part in shaping this exciting change.

I have always been a tinkerer and a DIY-er – I was able to live out this passion at a young age when I joined the company as a design engineer right after graduation from school and military service. Back in those days, there were no standard 7 am to 5 pm working days. At home we continued working on things, thinking them through, and in the morning our fingers were already itching to try out the ideas that came up overnight. And this is precisely where Hirschmann Automotive offered me the freedom, the necessary resources, and the trust I needed.

Today, the focus of my work is on basic topics, in patent and trademark matters, the processing of research grants* and special projects, such as the Hirschmann Pedelec (e-bike), which we developed in 2012 and which I continue to work on. In addition, I help with basic topics (such as materials, processes, products, etc.) as an internal trainer of the Hirschmann Academy.

The opportunity to continuously develop myself, to face exciting challenges, and to be part of ongoing changes inspire me at Hirschmann Automotive to this day. Therefore, there has never been a desire or need to look for another company or field of activity.


*Selection and preparation of scientific and research projects submitted to the FFG (Assessment Body) for the receipt of state subsidies.


Hirschmann Automotive GmbH
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