As of September 1, 2018, new passenger vehicles in the EU will only receive type approval if they conform to exhaust emission standards Euro 6c and Euro 6d-TEMP. In this regard, the limit values set out in the Euro 6 standard will remain unchanged. For automotive manufacturers, however, this means that they will have to prove that their vehicles comply with the emission limits set out in the considerably more stringent WLTP* standard (Euro 6c) upon being tested on the exhaust roller dynamometer test bench. Furthermore, the exhaust emission characteristics will also be tested during practical operation on the road (in accordance with Euro 6d-TEMP) in order to obtain more realistic consumption data.

The relatively short deadline set by policymakers until the new exhaust emissions legislation enters into force means that the time-consuming tests will not be able to be carried out on all of the large number of engine types and derivatives currently in use. As a result, a number of manufacturers have removed some of their engines from sale with immediate effect. Furthermore, the new regulations could soon see brand-new gasoline engines at risk of being banned from the road.

For us as a supplier, this means that we will have to dramatically alter some of the delivery schedules that had already been organized. For example, some products have been completely removed from orders, while others have now been given a higher classification. Over the past few years, we have increasingly been working on an analytical demand management system, as we receive almost all of the information on the deltas in the orders via the fully automated EDI connection. At the same time, our production has become so flexible that we will, from our current perspective, be able to deal with these challenges without any major supply problems vis-a-vis our customers – provided that the maximum capacities in our production facilities are not exceeded in the maximum shift-work models. However, the fact remains that a large number of suppliers and automotive manufacturers are being faced with enormous challenges.

* WLTP: Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure.


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